Quality in Carbon Auditing

re-consult is a Designated Operational Entity (DOE), accredited by the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for the international carbon market. re-consult is the first and only Turkish company to act as an accredited DOE and is one of only 45 accredited DOEs worldwide.

“Validation” and “Verification” are systematic, independent and documented processes for the evaluation of greenhouse gas (GHG) assertions, related to GHG project plans against agreed validation or verification criteria. Validation and verification are necessary for GHG reduction projects to be financed, both in the voluntary and the compliance carbon markets.  

CDM is one of the major GHG programs of the compliance carbon market and includes the GHG reduction projects implemented in developing countries by developed countries.  “Gold Standard” is one of the major GHG programs of the voluntary carbon market.  It includes voluntary GHG reduction projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Validation and verification activities are compulsory for CDM, Gold Standard, and VCS and are carried out by accredited DOEs. The CDM-related DOE accreditation process involves both management system requirements and practical validation/verification experience. The validation and verification bodies accredited by the CDM’s Executive Board can also validate and verify GHG reduction projects listed under the Gold Standard or VCS.