About Us

re-consult guarantee their clients strict independence. Neither re-consult nor our employees develop projects on their own or have shares in wind energy projects. We do not compete with our clients on the wind energy market, are not related to wind turbine manufacturers and do not work on a success fee basis.

re-consult’s key personnel have been active in Turkey’s wind energy market since the mid-nineties. All of our managers come with a profound background in either wind turbine manufacturing, wind engineering, project development and energy legislation.

Wind measurements were conducted at more than 100 locations in Turkey for various local and foreign companies. Many of these wind measurements have crystallized into projects and give re-consult a good overview of the wind conditions in Turkey. Our key personnel are active in several Turkish wind energy related NGOs; for 4 years our General Manager was an active board member of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB).

Our strong track record and credibility defined on high quality services have positioned us to also represent leading international consultancy, Natural Power, in the Turkish renewables market. Services provided by Natural Power in the field of technical and development services are delivered by re-consult. Natural Power’s experience is borne over a 20 year heritage in renewables and sees the company consenting almost 2.5GW of wind project for clients, constructing more than 75 wind farms and managing 35% of the UK’s installed wind capacity. Operating globally, Natural Power have selected re-consult to be their trusted partner in Turkey.

With this depth of experience coupled with wind farm development services from conception to completion, re-consult is quite literally re-defining wind power in Turkey.