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Wind farm development services from Conception to Completion

re-consult is an independent consultancy company, specializing in Turkey’s wind energy sector. With more than ten years of experience in what is a difficult, but very attractive market, we are competent to advise you in all matters of engineering, project development, legal matters and market research. Furthermore, joint-venture partnerships can be structured with suitable and competent Turkish wind farm license holders who have been vetted by us.

As accession talks between Turkey and the European Union started in 2003, Turkey is undergoing major changes in all its social and political sectors. One of these changes is the development of a “Renewable Energy Support Law”, of which passed the Turkish Parliament in May 2005 and was updated in February 2007, introducing a fixed feed in price for renewables and a purchase guarantee. Hence Turkey can now offer a legal frame for renewable energy investors that is bankable from the start off and provides investment security.

Past experience has shown there is a strong need for competent consultancy for investors planning to compete in Turkey’s wind energy market. It is our goal to put your decision to invest in this market into action and lead you through all the crucial technical, legal and administrative steps.

We employ highly qualified staff to realize your goal. Our engineers and lawyers are fluent in English and have vast experience in dealing with various local authorities and in preparing bi-lingual documents to satisfy you and your corporate lender.

All of our services are offered in modular form with intermediate milestones that allow you a “real-time” risk analysis. In this structure, you may halt, modify or even cancel your activities at any time, without the need of spending further money.

With our expertise, your Turkey activities will lead to a sound and bankable investment, rather than an adventure.